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Five Scenic Spots

Oriental Hot Spring Tourism is main separated from five spots of Wubu River, Hot-Cave & Earth Core Scenic Spot

Baisha Temple, Three-Mountain-Peak Tourism and Muer Mountain.

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Hot-Cave & Earth Core
Wubu Source
Baisha Temple
Peak of Agaric Mountain
Seven Scenic Regions

7 featured scenic spots are picked from the natural landscape and cultural and historical sites of the scenic area. They are picturesque and enhancing each other’s beauty.

it a nice place to bath, take health-care therapy, climb, train and entertain.

One Hole
One Bath
One Temple
One Mountain
One River
One Spring
One Lake
Characteristic Hot Springs

Oriental Hot Spring has more than ten places of water. The water temperature is 43℃. With a big quantity of water, called the first of four springs.

containing sulfur, calcium, carbon, fluorine and other rare minerals, it is very precious.

Health-care Hot Spring
Cool / Hot Spring
Treatment Spring
Traffic Route

Oriental Hot Spring Traffic is in the central economic circle of Chongqing, 40km from the central downtown, 54km from Chongqing North Station,55km from Jiangbei Airport, 19km from the Huimin Exit on Inner Ring Highway, 18.9km from Mudong Exit of Yunan Highway. All roads lead to Oriental Hot Spring Tourism from Districts downtown of Chongqing.

Location Map

two lines:

at Nanping Bus Stop: which operation time is from 7:30-18:00, with a total price of 12 RMB and total time of about 90 minutes.

at Yuhu Crossing of Yudong: which operation time is from 5:50-15:50, with a total price of 12 RMB and total time of about 100 minutes.
Bus Route
Route 1
The Central Downtown-River Highway(G50S)-Exit in Mudong-Mulong Road(S415)-Pusatan-OHS
Route 2
The Central Downtown-Belt Freeway(G5001)-Exit in Huimin Toll Station-Yujian Road(S105)-Ersheng Town-OHS
Route 3
The Central Downtown-Yuxiang Highway(G65)-Exit in Jielong Toll Station-Jiangjia-OHS
Route 4
To Nanchuan-Yuxiang-Exit in Daguan Toll Station-Tianci-OHS
Route 5
Kaizhou/Wanzhou/Liangping/Dianjiang-Hurong Highway-Changshou passing by Huyu Highway-Yujian Road-OHS
Route 6
Chengdu, Sichuan-Chongqing(Chengyu Highway G85)-Chayuan New Area passing by Nanfu Road(S103)-Mudong-OHS
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